Building Process Booklet

Building Process Booklet

Please take the time to thoroughly read this short booklet. It summarizes the Landsted building process, and answers many commonly asked questions. Thanks, we look forward to working with you to create the best home possible.


We at Landsted, LLC, strive to provide excellence in design, craftsmanship, value and service. Throughout the design/build process we work to blend customer lifestyle needs, architectural preference and budget, in an attempt to exceed customer expectations. Our mission is supported by respect for our customers, employees, vendors, and the environment.


You will always know what you are getting from Landsted. We provide a written contract, including specifications stating everything that will be in your new home, as well as our Landsted Limited Warranty. We provide signed change orders and lien waivers for all paid bills. Our goal is “NO SURPRISES.”


The Landsted team has memberships in the National Association of Home Builders, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, the St. Croix Valley Builders Association and the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce. Team members are active in the leadership of these organizations, church, coaching local sports teams, and in local government.


Building with Landsted represents custom home building in the truest sense of the word. Our staff works side by side with each client to systematically create and appoint their new custom home. You undoubtedly have already given considerable thought to your new home. We encourage you to look through books and magazines to gather floorplan, product and decorating ideas. Our designer will ask you about your ideas and incorporate as many of them as possible into your plans. Our staff will also need information about your homesite, room and room size requirements, home style and approximately home size and price range. We will then follow the process described below to arrive at a plan that works for you.


Our goal at Landsted, LLC, is to completely satisfy you, our customer. We will do this by providing you with:

  • creative design to meet your specific needs and aesthetics

  • integration of construction and design to maximize efficiency

  • superior materials and craftsmanship

  • interior design service

  • professional administration

  • courtesy at all times

  • comprehensive home warranty program

  • on call service


Once a site has been chosen, you will meet with our designer for a design interview. At this meeting we will talk about your lifestyle needs, the types of products and features you desire in your new home, and budget. A site visit may also be necessary at this time to select the building location. The designer will then develop a floor plan sketch, drawn to ¼” scale, for review at the next meeting.


At this meeting, the design concept is reviewed. A Landsted representative will quote some price parameters for the home as drawn before additional design work is performed. We need to keep the project within your price range. Sometimes it is appropriate to make significant changes. Other times only minor adjustments need to be made.


Once the floor plan is substantially complete, an exterior can be developed. At this stage the exterior is reviewed along with any final changes to the floor plan. Once the above are approved, it is time to move into the specifications phase. A site plan is now prepared, locating the home and driveway on the lot. Note: At this point, the plans are still deemed “conceptual”. Minor adjustments due to structural considerations and/or materials used, may be required when developing the construction blueprints.


Specifications can now be selected. The home is reviewed beginning with the exterior finishes. Then mechanical, electrical and plumbing selections are made. Next, each room of the home is planned. Some products, such as millwork, are specified in the specs. Others, such as floor coverings, cabinetry, appliances, and light fixtures, are put on an allowance and are chosen after the contract is signed. We make every attempt to put allowance amounts in the specs, which are consistent with our understanding of your expectations so you will have enough in each category to get what you want. Finally, the home location is staked on the lot.


Now a price can be calculated. It is very common for the price to be higher than desired because the home probably includes the entire “wish list”. At this point, optional items may be discussed. Since the basic structure of the home is already calculated, it is relatively easy to price options. Once the final price is arrived at, the contract documents are assembled, executed, and we move into the construction phase.


A meeting with an interior designer from House Calls is scheduled to review the specifications and options and begin the selection process for coordinating colors, textures, finishes, hardware, etc. for the exterior and interior of your home. Most products and components of your new home can be selected at House Calls interior design showroom. We stock a wide variety of quality products. This service prevents lots of running around on your part, and greatly simplifies the interior design process. This process must be completed before a preliminary construction schedule can be determined and the framing can begin on your new home.


Several items are reviewed during this step:
1. The exterior for materials, details, and window swings
2. The floor plan including ceiling heights, room sizes, soffits, mechanical locations, plumbing fixture locations, and flooring
3. The interior elevations and details for cabinets, fireplaces, millwork profiles, and stair parts
4. The electrical plan
5. The site plan and lot walk


At the completion of your new home, a Landsted representative will conduct a final walk-through with you to demonstrate the features of your new home. Experts in the areas of mechanical operations, security and audio visual systems, etc. may also conduct demonstrations so that you understand how each of these systems works. In addition, our Warranty Service Company will conduct a walk-through with you prior to closing.


During construction, a number of “walk-throughs” with your job superintendent are scheduled. These are the checkpoints to make sure that expectations are being met. The walk-throughs also allow for a few opportunities to make minor adjustments if necessary.


Your home comes with a Landsted Limited Warranty. At least twice during the first year, you will be contacted by our warranty staff to set up times to visit your home to complete appropriate warranty work and touch-up. Please read your limited warranty for further information about this service.


Good communication and realistic expectations are essential for a rewarding home building process. Please feel free to ask us to restate anything you do not understand. Much communication will be done by phone, fax and e-mail. It will help the process if you have access to a fax machine and/or e-mail.


Landsted has a longstanding reputation as a quality customer home-builder. We make every effort to achieve the highest quality by utilizing the finest products and craftsmen in our market. We can assure you that your home will be built to the same standards displayed in our model homes. Please visit our model homes to inspect our materials and craftsmanship.


Custom homes demand a significant time commitment on the part of the customer as well as the builder. Allotting enough time on your project up-front to get familiar with the products we are using and the features of your new home will pay big dividends in years to come. There are meetings with the designer, interior designer, kitchen designer, appliance and light vendors, job superintendents, lenders, etc. Planning enough time will make your home building process more enjoyable and rewarding.


Items such as floor coverings, light fixtures, appliances, wells, septic systems, site work and landscaping are difficult to calculate exactly. Because of this, your contract price will include some “allowances”. We will reference one of our model homes in calculating your allowances. For instance, if a model home that you visited has carpet that sells for $27.00 per yard, our estimator will use $27.00 per yard in calculating your carpet allowance. That way, you are able to see the quality of the product we are including in your contract price.


When building a custom home, it is inevitable that a few changes will be made. Changes are documented on attachments to the contract called “change orders”. Any changes to the original contract specifications and/or reconciliation’s to allowance amounts are written on a change order form and signed by both parties. This way, both the customer and Landsted are always aware of the bottom line. We charge a nominal change order fee for changes made to plans and specs following the frame-start of your home.
• Note: It is important to remember that changes not only affect the price, but also the schedule. Please read your contract, specifications and change orders carefully. These documents are the final authority on what is or is not included in your new home.


There are a number of ways to finance your new home. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities. We can recommend several financial institutions if you do not already have one. Some institutions are well equipped to handle construction and permanent financing. Others are not (Also see #6 in the section labeled Common Questions About Building a New Home). Note: Landsted does not include the cost of financing during construction in the contract unless agreed to in writing.


The construction of your home is scheduled. There may be times during the building process when there is no activity at your site. We may be waiting for materials to arrive, or it’s possible that a trade contractor is completed with his work and waiting for an inspection before the next trade contractor is even scheduled to arrive. Be assured that your home is being monitored and that it will be completed in a timely manner. Remember, it is to our advantage too to complete your project in a timely manner.


Delays in construction can occur due to the following: delays in the selection process, slow processing of payments by the bank, design and specification changes, material backorders, building permit requirements, labor shortages, weather conditions, etc. We constantly monitor every home under construction to keep delays from occurring if possible. Please help us keep your home on schedule.


It’s exciting to see a new home take shape. We understand that our customers generally like to visit the site and don’t discourage them from doing so. However, since the workers on site may not understand the full scope of the project, it is important that you direct questions and concerns to your Landsted job superintendent. Your job superintendent is responsible for your project; therefore, he or she needs to direct the on-site personnel. You will be provided with all the necessary phone numbers to stay in touch with us throughout the process.Since the job site can be a dangerous place to visit, we recommend that children not accompany you when work is being performed. Be particularly cautious around stairways and openings. Temporary guardrails and handrails are for workers’ protection and not designed to the building codes prescription for occupancy. It can be slippery, particularly when it is wet out. Stay away from heaters and electrical connections. We make every attempt to keep the job sites safe, but, remember, this is a construction zone. Please be careful! It is not recommended to take pets to the construction site.


Following the pre-closing review meeting with clients, during which the final site allowances are reconciled, your project will enter the pre-closing tune-up period. During these last days and weeks before closing, our trade partners and closing team are working on the final details and finishing touches necessary before presenting you with a completed product at the customer walk-through presentation just prior to closing on your new home. During this short period we ask that clients not visit the jobsite. It is very important that we have complete control over access to the project during this critical period. This allows us to finish our work in an organized and systematic manner and exceed customer’s expectations by “wowing” them with the final product.